Digital marketing transformations for next-stage brands.

Are you ready to increase your revenue, grow your brand, and expand your reach?

Consider your most valuable prospects are actively seeking your products and services.  Therefore, you must be easily discovered, stand out, and be selected. 

For that reason, along with our world-class partners, we built out a  proprietary platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

As a result, our platform coupled with our custom- tailored digital marketing strategies, will optimally  position your brand or business to thrive.

We Help You Expand
Brand Influence

Locally or Globally

Brand influence is critical for driving consumer engagement by working with internal stakeholders, consumers, and external partners.

We lead the planning and execution of all owned media, assets, and resources, to best execute the benefits of your brand and most effectively manage your data intelligence across the online echo-system.  We leverage all the benefits, optimize and market your brand.

Our digital marketing transformation solutions offers you the ability to build out and market your brand or business across nearly the top 80 online platforms. This includes Local Pages, Directories, Websites,  APPs,  Maps, GPS, Voice Search, Video Search, Local Search, Social Media Platforms, and more.   

So how do we provide your Digital Marketing Transformation?
  • First, we build-out nearly 80+ micro-sites with landing pages for your business or brand that stays consistent across all online platforms 
  • You will have a very strong online presence form the top tier publishers with the best online reputation and the most traffic.  
  • Secondly, Google and the other search engines will reward your online presence with organic traffic and better rankings with much richer search results displayed.   Google discovers these links crawls them and properly indexes them.   Googles algorithms will best understand your relevance in terms of your mission, what problems you solve, solutions or products you offer, and much more. 
  • And Google will then see your online prominence or popularity with the all these new sites that is managed as one.
  • Google will see all the direct traffic driven  to you,  your back-links, your reviews, and you will be positioned and marketed for results.  
  • To provide your digital marketing transformation, and begin your online authority across all the top tier online platforms, we first take care of of all the backend technical setups like:  API keys,  structured data, and dynamically code all these diverse online platforms.
  • This greatly helps rankings and indexing with Google but also empowers you to manage  nearly 80+ sites, as if they were just one site.
  • This is enormous leverage with unfathomable potential to grow your  business or brand 
  • Thirdly, any post, news, event, update, press release, blog, article, media, or even any product or service promotion or launch, will be done once and with a only a click.   
  • In almost real-time, it's  delivered  everywhere to your personalized micro-site landing pages.   
  • As a result,  you will be published,  marketed, advertised, searchable, discovered, crawled, indexed and best leveraged by Google Algorithms.
  • We are here to help develop, market and manage your brand, increased rankings, increase  organic traffic, direct traffic,  and much more.
  • You will be able to effectively manage and protect your online reputation from the very same proprietary platform that is so easy to use. 
  •  And what is also notable, is how search engines will begin to render your search results with rich snippets, rich cards, open graph data.  All this means is your company is displayed with rich results and not just as a blue links, but the potential to be rendered as structured rich micro-sites that can really make you stand out from the crowd. 
  • What's also impressive, is our direct partnership agreements with our publishers; how it drives traffic to our clients with paid searches - so your target audience discovers you.  
  • In conclusion, you will be marketed and branded across the online ecosystem  Today you need to be everywhere your target audience is and manage your online presence.
  • Our Digital Marketing Transformation Solutions  enable you to manage, market, advertise, publish, and be indexed for all your online sites collectively, as one - keeping a consistent brand image, your core values, and empowering you to control your online intelligent data and reputation in nearly real time with just a click. 
Increase Google Rank

Google Adwords Strategy

How we

We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your customers stay at the focus.



Drive targeted traffic. Optimize your conversion rate! Drive Brand Awareness. Pinpoint your Target Audience, Be Everywhere


We create innovative, masterful designs for ecommerce, podcasters, websites, graphic art, videos, product assets, with very cost-effective marketing solutions and optimial placements

Social Media

Develop a presence authority and be on the top social media channels and networks.


24/7 access to the real-time performance. Easily identify what isn't working, why, fix it, adjust quickly to market changes. And Always Be Optimizing

Digital Marketing Transformation Solutions

SMO & Content Marketing




Wig Galaxy

  • Google Ads
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI Design
  • eCommerce Solution
  • Graphic Design

A wig fashion brand taking their first step into the big leagues gets a fire-proof refresh.

Marketing is so underestimated, and photography is fundamentally essential for it.  Everywhere and all around us: on the billboards along the roads, in shopping malls, magazines, and now it dominates online.  

The most talented and creative marketing and advertising agencies hunt for the best photographers for this very reason. 

Why images are so powerful?

Certainly, photographers and graphic artists can easily place a brand into the limelight.   How does that translate to businesses and brands? By understanding that marketing is just as much a science as it is a unique form of art.

Above all, if marketing is executed with surgical precision and as a labor of love, then digital marketing is truly a game changer. 

With this client, we redid their entire ecommerce store as it lacked site structure, impressive content, or media, nor did it employ a powerful SEO strategy. Lastly, it was poorly marketed and not positioned to earn business online. 

Client Case History

They were a brick and mortar store for 25 years and had to transition their entire business into an ecommerce store as they could not afford it. 

But over the last 10 years being successful online diminished dramatically as online competition grew wiser, more productive, and certainly more abundant.

This became an overwhelming challenge for them.  They could not afford to fail any longer.

How we designed their ecommerce store for explosive growth!
  • What was desperately needed was a complete rehaul of their site and only keeping part of their database.  And a revolutionary way to resign the functionality needed to be position them for pinnacle success.
  • We developed a stunning responsive site that performs exceptionally well and extremely fast and this site contains more than 500 pages. 
  • It’s now designed with intuitive navigation, rich content, impressive search capabilities
  • We added in many more search filters as the site was too big. We needed a way for visitors to quickly drill down to the exact selection choices they were most interested in.
  • We calorized it by style, (bob, framed) hair length, (short, shoulder length, long, exceedingly long etc.) type of hair (wavy, curly, loose curls, pin straight, etc.)   brand, (Jon Renau, Ellen Willie, etc.) costs, (100 to 10,000 and anywhere in between) Hair Material (Synthetic, Real Human Hair, Smart Lace, etc.)  Newest to Oldest Wigs, By Collection, By Color by Availability by Trend, By Design, What's on Sale, etc.
  • So, this was achieved by easy to use of an intuitive drop-down search filters that included four drop-down filters set up in a row that started category to taxonomy specific. With 4 filters, naturally we made them the most common selections. But once that result rendered the visitor could see they had a whole new set of filter names they could use 1 to 4 of those filters, and again once that result rendered the visitor could easily see they had another 4 selections to choose from. In one click they could have 4 choices of what they wanted to see with every imaginable choice within those drop-down selections. Or the visitor could drill down 3 levels deep and have a staggering 12 different choice parameters met so their selection choices would be as well defined as the industry offered.
  • Those filters had to naturally be coded in and that was huge accomplishment considering their site had more than 500 product pages with seemingly so many choices per pages. And we designed many straight-forward ways for the visitor to intuitively navigate to the search choice they wanted
  •  This was unprecedented because as it turned out a high percentage of visitors did know exactly what they wanted within their selection and many would chose between 8 to 10 choice parameters, It was a nightmare for most of them trying to locate what they wanted off dysfunctional, and very slow ecommerce stores.
  • And for the filters and searches to work at all. We must underscore that we had to deploy the most well-defined taxonomies, categories, internal linking, breadcrumbs with their site structure. Considering the sheer size of the site you would think it would take forever. But we knew how to batch edit and automate most of it, making it possible.
  • And there were so many great features and functionality including quick views.
  • Above all, we then coded such an impressive display of java scripting.  This enabled an immersive user experience. When they landed on any product page, they could easily hover their mouse over the model images displaying the wigs. Now they had the added functionality of dynamically scaling up or down, rotate the model, ability to vertically and horizontally scroll all while the images remained pixel perfect.   
  • So, it is incredibly fun and easy to go through all the images but more importantly to display wig models with total mouse control for almost 360 scaled up, rotating, high-resolution views. And this was not mirrored by others until after we accomplished it.
  • Next, we coded in the color hair samples per brand, collection, style, length, hair type, etc.  What this achieved was incredible feat of development.  On 99.99% of wig sites when you land on a product page with the model displaying the wigs and the different images to see enlarged.  Every wig company was using the variants to display these large icons of the hair samples so the visitor could choose their color.  Well the visitors would literally see 20 to up to 60 hair samples varying in size depending on the wig company, per product page.  Then they would have to click on the hair sample to see in enlarged with their viewport and most often it would lose so much clarity and definition and they had no mouse control to scale it up or down etc.   
  • So, the visitor  would see remarkably busy product pages with tons of hair samples that are not attractive but is was the only way these wig companies could figure out how to do it
  • What was especially problematic is the vast number assorted brand, collection, styles, and each had their unique method for indexing hair color as one example. Many Brand Manufactures used numbers for corresponding colors while other brands use distinct color schemes even for the same color, sometimes by the same brand just in a different collection.
  • And if a Wig Company who carried all the major wig brand as many do, consider the implications of trying to resolve this epic undertaking. If they tried to come up with your own color scheme to hide the variants as it was not practical to even try doing it with so any colors, brands, and collections. Couple that with the fact if they successfully did so, then they would still have to marry up their color scheme to the corresponding brand manufactures color scheme or numbering scheme for that wig color ordered. Which as you can image would be nightmare of epic proportions, and let’s just image that even if that was accomplished and married up correctly, so many visitors would receive the wig and probably return it. They would probably disagree with the color scheme that wig company chose regardless if it was an exact match.
  • What we did to solve this epic riddle was so original and groundbreaking because now we had the best wig site on the planet. No hair samples are on the product pages which makes the site so much faster, cleaner, beautiful, and allows much more functionality because there no massive load of 20 to 50 additional pictures that automatically must be rendered per product page. And who wants to look at 60 pictures on a product page that looks like a rat’s nest while looking at the pictures of the model wearing the wig.
  • Instead the visitor would see the drop-down menu of the color selection for that wig and easily select the hair sample. It was a flash image within the drop down so for simplicity purposes it was not loaded within the dropdown even though it could be seen. Only when selected would the actual image of the hair sample be displayed. But not as a variant first, instead directly displayed in the enlarged viewport. We completely bypassed the variants and that allowed us to render all the hair samples pixel perfect within the enlarged viewport with all the definition for the hair color they selected. And as a bonus, if they choose too, they could hoover their mouse over the hair sample and scale it up further, rotate it, etc. And it all remained pixel perfect within the view port.  It was so well organized, that if that color was in that collection was out of stock the visitor would know and determine if they wanted to wait and knew what that time was.  What happened all to often is after the customer ordered it, they would learn it just went out of stock. And now you had a dissatisfied client who you had to return all the money to. So, we married up all the databases from all the brand manufactures so this would not occur. It enabled so many more benefits to mention here,   
  • It's not attractive to see in some cases 60 plus hair samples while landing on a model page to then click on the color you may be interested in.  Not only did it make their competitions main product landing pages extremely busy, and unattractive but nearly 99% of their competitors did not have developers to figure out this complex riddle and moreover, code this optimally.  And when there are many hundreds of pages from all the different brand wig, deriving from countless collections, consider the magnitude of this problem. Each page of their 500 product pages had between 20 to 60 pictures of hair samples. Now with the ability of not having to be rendered any hair samples, except for one at a time when the client was making their color selection it dramatically reduced site load a and peaked their performance. Pictures are biggest in size of almost any media form. And although they were variants, developers are not graphic artists. Do they would not be able to batch edit and compress the files correctly to have the images rendered right as a variant, especially because it varied so greatly by collection and brand.
  • The user experience and navigation were improved 10-fold and we were able to batch edit the process automating most of the heavy lifting to accomplish this.
  • We deployed beautiful layouts, and a user experience that offers such an immersive experience in so many other ways not described here  With stunning details of any models, product, infographic, rich data and media, for all their products and accessories with the visitor having the ability to have the models almost jump off the page in a virtual 3D environment.. 
  • One of the other most impactful set of changes we deployed was to their visitor's shopping experience.  It had to be easy, fast, error free, and have many shopping cart features with intuitive functionality. 
  • They offer a vast number of products and in so many categories. Our ability to meet their complex needs enabled them to scale easily and enabled their business to go world-wide.

A wig fashion brand began to take quantum leaps into the major leagues, and remains at the top of their game.

These are both expert forms of art and marketing, if you are a business or a brand.   It’s the Peacock Effect.  It’s poetry in motion because in an instant, it can deliver vast amounts of rich content, albeit, mostly visual if it’s graphic design, but incredibly meaningful.   

What makes a brand thrive?
  • Consider that if you 'do' offer incredible value, at unbelievable prices, with products or services that are of great lasting quality, it means nothing, if no one knows you exist. 
  • The most successful companies are the ones best positioned and marketed.  Of course, quality, value, price and all the bells and whistles matter ultimately. 
  • It's the company that markets and advertises their company the best and can meet and exceed expectations by their clients that will be the ultimate winner every time by a landslide. 
  • Today it's more important than ever to be everywhere your target audience is and deliver the right message consistently over time. But how?  We are here to make that as simple as a click. 

A major part of their overall success was a great SEO strategy.  Over time, this grew their organic traffic to their ecommerce store exponentially.   

How SEO enabled them to go world-wide!
  • SEO, marketing, and advertising positioned them to increase their traffic dramatically, but what counts the most (if you’re an ecommerce store) is if you consistently increase the percentage of traffic that converts into business.    
  • Google is in the business of measuring user experience to ensure they are satisfying their client's queries.  And as the frequency of visits, per visitor on average consistently increased; so, did the proportional number of purchases and the amount spent per visitor consistently increase - which satisfied another critical metric. The amount of time their visitors spent on their site consistently increased too.
  • Their ecommerce store traffic at some point exploded.   And that is the ultimate gift by search engines. 

Content Curation, Response Mobile Design & APPs, 3rd Party Integration

  • API/Backend to POS
  • ARG Mobile App Campaign,
  • ECommerce web solution
  • Record growth in first year
Image for Digital Marketing that Your Media Services Provides

Our Process

We have streamlined the process and made it super easy to discover how we can help your business grow. It starts by identifying your unique challenges and opportunities for growth

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Digital Marketing

Above all, for most businesses, it is a must to increase website traffic. Furthermore, drive more revenue per client, close more deals faster, and all with a higher-percentage of conversions. 

Content Marketing

Arguably the most powerful form of  digital marketing strategies. The businesses and brands that are marketed and positioned the best, earn so much more revenue than the businesses that actually are the best

Businesses want the pinnacle marketing strategy for improving  online visibility and ad position. We attain the perfect blend of short to long-tail keywords and optimally convert that traffic. 

A growing and advantageous entity for any business that seeks to thrive. Drive real engagement on the platforms that best fits your business – properly designed strategic and dynamic campaigns

Marco Ronga successfully completed the Technical SEO course!

Marco Ronga successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress (block editor) course!

We nuture digital transformations for next-stage brands.

Today, nearly every business transaction starts with a search on Google.

Whatever search results appears about your business or brand and your business on page one of Google is critical.

  • Because few people ever click past that first page. So even if your reputation is squeaky clean, and there’s just one bad story or review about you online,  when it shows up it can be catastrophic to a business 
  • One bad review can do a disproportionate amount of damage to your business.

Let us help ensure the integrity of your online intelligence in real-time with the ability to quarantine negative posts of reviews that is simply our to hurt you


Service Questions

Digital marketing include many forms that pertain to managing and increasing your online market share.  Services would include:

  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • search engine marketing (SEM)
  • content marketing,
  • influencer marketing
  • content automation
  • campaign marketing,
  • data-driven marketing,
  • e-commerce marketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • social media optimization,
  • e-mail direct marketing and other forms 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Online advertising.
  • Landing page marketing.
  • Smartphone marketing.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a truly effective form of internet marketing when deployed correctly.

  • Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked and the prices can vary wildly per click.
  • We have seen budgets from $50 per month to $500,000 per month and even more.
  • Consider it a calculated art form of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.  The numbers must work and that is why the budgets vary greatly.   
  • Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC.
  • There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad.
  • All of these searches trigger payperclick ads and based on experience  certain industries or categories do better.  

Absolutely, we have placed our starting monthly rates below, and our monthly rates for digital marketing solution offerings also go much higher. 

  • Any of our marketing portfolios  will include a blend of digital marketing solutions and some do include all forms;  but that offering is not listed, as it is a case by case offering. 
  • Also, we determine how your business or brand is positioned to determine what forms of digital marketing will provide the greatest return on your investment.
  • Many companies expand their digital marketing portfolio and upgrade. 

Technique Questions

  • We ensure you have a great user experience and site performance
  • Most of the time we will build out various landing pages that are well designed to drive the visitor to take a call-of-action.  If the Landing Page is designed for a a Search Intent then we drive traffic and with the best conversion rates. Other landing pages are designed first to visit your website, call, start a chat, request information, schedule an appointment. stopping by. 
  • Landing pages designs vary by the type of product and or solutions you offer and the search intent as it can be transactional, navigational, informational or  commercial. 
  • As you would conclude, the more your solutions costs, typically there is a longer sales cycle. 
  • Part of the science and art form of digital marketing is to uncover the many ways to reduce the sales cycle. 
  • Now, if we see that your site needs a makeover or a complete redesign, we will let you know.  Most of the time, we are offering methods to improve your site. 
  • However, a complete website or ecommerce site can be included in the price of your digital marketing solution as it was in the case study. 
  • We have streamlined our process and made it super easy to discover how we can help your business grow. It starts by identifying your unique challenges and opportunities for growth.
  • We always want to use our collective imagination to render the best results.
  • We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your business or brand is firmly in the limelight and your customers stay at the focus.

Yes, we do.  Most of our direct marketing solutions involving APIs leverages our proprietary platform, that along with some world-class partners, it delivers superior results.   

  • However, 3rd Party Solutions are also necessary, and we do employ them.  Here is why.  We cannot do all parts of our business and be as highly effective without 3rd party solutions.   
  • We ensure a seamless, transparent, solution that does not involve you to work with these partners directly.  Instead, we have taken care of all those back-end potential issues with our 3rd party vendors, and you will be working only with us, we will take full accountability, so there is never any finger pointing. 

Also, APIs are necessary not only on your website, e commerce sites but the multitude of different online platforms.  Without, APIs, token IDs, and passes your business can not legally do much and you are running your online business blind and not even tapping into the enormous online revenue potential 

  • Here is a simple example with low implications.  If you have a Google Map of your location on your website a Google API Map key must be registered and paid for to Google.  Only Developers would know this.  Now, this is a simple example that we see clients have not done, far too often and lets us know immediately what else we must do for them have dramatic results in record time. 
  • In this example using a Google Map, Bing Map, Apple Map on your website or ecommerce site, it’s not a deal breaker.  But it does negatively affect your company or brand to be displayed as often in organic search results.  And most businesses are blind to this as you are not in full compliance with Google. 
  • Many plugins need API keys to be registered and working properly. 

But now let’s take it to much higher level.  The online ecosystem where most of your potential clients are contain many different platforms and they do not natively speak to each other. 

When we mention the multitude of online platforms that if connected to one platform that is dynamically coded with structured data, then it is limitless what you can do with a click of the mouse.

Consider, there are search engines, voice search platforms, video search engines, intelligent systems and devices, social media platforms, local pages, directories, forums, chat sessions, emails, POS, GPS, MAPS, and the list continues. 

The point is you would want to have all these platforms talk to each other and provide you with intelligent data, drive tremendous traffic and higher rankings with more customer.

For Search Engines to reward you and allow your business or brand to benefit from all these platforms to the degree that is possible, then APIs must be deployed and 3rd party Solutions are part of solution. 

  • Our proprietary platform combines all these online platforms into one.  And this is what sets us apart from most of our competitors especially considering we most-effectively deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning within our platform along with our world-class partners. 
  • In addition, we have direct relationships with the top 100 publishers on all these platforms and they are the most reputable and with the most traffic. 
  • We ensure that your target audience traffic is driven to you as we have paid searches on all these platforms. 
  • Most notable, is all these platforms are setup to use dynamic coding and structured data. 
  • So, with a simple click of the mouse, you can send any form or media or sell your product or service across the entire online ecosystem and be published, indexed, and structured data makes it much easier and much more likely that Google will display your search results. 
  • With us you will have the opportunity to connect (with dynamic coding and APIs) all of the online platforms with Your Online Media Presence Manager.
  • And we build out micro-websites for you on all these platforms that can potentially drive tremendous results. 
  • It’s an unprecedented advantage to be everywhere online and to control your digital intelligence and reputation in almost real-time across all these platforms. 

One Crippling Review can do incredible damage to a company. 

Our platform not only enables 1st party reviews but allows you to quarantine any critical review up to 7 days and either resolve the matter with your client or dispute it all without it ever affecting your online reputation. 

This is a tremendous asset and competitive advantage but like all tools effectiveness, results depend on the operator.  

  • And that is why we encourage you to seriously consider us.  It will not be as impactful to increasing your bottom line if you have a website or ecommerce store that is sluggish, poorly designed with no rich content or media. 
  • If your potential buyers do not see compelling reasons to do business with you, they have too many choices to go elsewhere. 
  • Consider, it is not the company that offers the best product or service that does then best when they rightfully should. 
  • Instead, it is the company that is best marketed and advertised that does by a landslide.  Of course, they also must be able to meet expectations and deliver value.  But what if you offered a much better solution but you are invisible? 

This is the ultimate power and reason why selecting the right company that has the best team, resources, tools, digital marketing solutions, developers, graphic artists, photographers, video production team, and online platform that stacks the odds in your favor with abundant success.  

 This is a tricky and delicate topic that must be answered correctly, and in its entirety. 

Simply put, we guarantee results to your return on investment or will not take you onboard. We will not position our company to fail.  If this occurs, either the client’s budget is too low with too much work to do to ensure success. Or the client is not willing to adapt to the necessary fast-paced evolving market conditions that are always determined by the factors of your target audience’s needs and or desires. 

Higher rankings may not necessarily be the best digital marketing approach, especially if you are in an extremely competitive market or need results now and don’t have the budget. 

  • Being Ranked The Highest in  Search Result will undoubtedly be the most lucrative and yield the best results of converting organic traffic into business. 
  • And we feel, ranking high for organic search terms should always be the goal.
  • After all, it’s free traffic and those visitors are actively seeking out your products and or services. Only a direct referral is sweeter and better.

If the client needs immediate results and a low budget, then marketing effectively with paid advertising campaigns is certainly the primary approach.  Regardless, there should always be a blend of organic and paid digital marketing within your solution. Yet, budget is also a determining factor. 

We seek out higher rankings first with the low hanging fruit. These are considered long-tail keyword searches which we will go more in depth.

  • The more words you already rank for than generally the easier it is to rank for short or mid tail keywords or phrases.

    For example we would typically deploy a long-tail keyword organic search Digital Marketing Strategy, that has the best chances of yielding the highest rankings and results. And let’s go into a specific example to explain and illustrate this highly effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

A visitor who is seeking out your product and services will start their online research with a specific but general question.  We will use our industry as an example.

  1. Short-Tail Keywords: If the visitor started their search and simply typed ‘Marketing Solutions’ and hit enter, then this is considered a short-tail keyword or phrase and is extremely competitive, yet also the conversion ratio of that traffic is the lowest percentage. 
  2. Mid-Tail Keywords: Let’s say, the visitor determines after their initial search, that they must work with someone local and they don’t want print marketing or advertising for radio or TV, then that visitor would input their next search.  And that search query would look like this: ‘Digital Marketing Solutions in Saint Petersburg, FL’   This is considered a mid-tail keyword or phrase and although easier to rank for it is also a distortional lower percentage of people per month are searching for that key phrase. 
  3. Long-Tail Keywords: In this example, the visitor then decides, I want to only to seek out reputable local companies that are offering the best digital marketing solution under $500 a month.  So, the visitor then place their next search request and it would look like this.  ‘Reputable Digital Marketing Agency in Saint Petersburg that offers Comprehensive Solutions under $500 a month.’  Now as you can imagine, the number of long-tail keywords or phrases placed per month are lowest percentage.  But let’s consider these factors.
  • First, long-tail keywords offer the greatest return of conversions as the visitor is placing there request with a lot of specificity
  • Also, long-tail keywords are difficult to determine without the proper tools, but there are many and they come with the highest likelihood of ranking your search result at the top. 
Also, any variation or iteration of that search as long as it means the same thing then your your search result is rendered.  Unlike short and mid-tail keywords that have much less flexibility in this regard.
  In other words if different users place different searches with different words but are synonyms, and or the structure of the sentence is different or   word order or length increases or decreases, if the search is in the same context, and has the same meaning, then you earn that free traffic.  Google and the other search engines consider it a match and you receive that traffic too.
  • And this is so significant to consider because it also is the most beneficial and best type of search to capitalize on. 
  • At this point the visitor has determined exactly what they want and your opportunity to rank the highest for that is easiest.  

This is the low hanging fruit.  And there are many more long tail keyword opportunities a or phrases to rank highest for.  Most notably, it yields the highest percentage of business per visit.  So, a brilliant organic search term ranking strategy to start with, especially if you are not ranking well.

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Internet marketing is so cost-effective with our approach, proprietary platform, and custom solutions. In contrast, it’s a great return on investment compared to traditional marketing channels.

As a result, it positions your brand to thrive with tremendous revenue growth. 


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One Platform – One click of the mouse, and your are published, marketed & te ability to advertise or do anything across nearly 80+ publisher platforms and apps. 

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Push notification and best email marketing campaign gets you a strong subscriber base. Our focus then turns to the content and ensures your subscribers get the right information at the right time

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can send hundreds of buyers to your website within 24 hours. Get it wrong, and you just lost thousands of dollars down the drain. Maximize your ROI by having carefully designed campaigns.

• Drive Strategy

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• Quality Score

• Best Practices

• Conversion and Monetization

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“If content is king, video is its crown,” María Victoria González Lage.

  • Attracting and engaging your customers with video marketing is precisely the heartbeat of our video production services.
  • Don’t just settle for mediocre TV ads or “cookie cutter” video content for your website or elsewhere. Stand alone, stand above, elevate your brand.

Our Digital Marketing Transformation Solutions provides all forms of campaigns from: branding, content curation, media, video production, graphics, logos, social media, marketing, and advertising 

Our developers are designers. We are experts at creating optimized landing pages with AMP and Structured data or optimizing to resigning AMP and PWA websites, mobile sites, and we lead in eCommerce design, development that translates in higher customer satisfaction, client retention, and repeat purchases with revenue growth.

We take great pride in properly showcasing and growing your brand, by your new digital marketing transformation 


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