Digital Marketing FAQs

Service Questions

Digital marketing include many forms that pertain to managing and increasing your online market share.  Services would include:

  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • search engine marketing (SEM)
  • content marketing,
  • influencer marketing
  • content automation
  • campaign marketing,
  • data-driven marketing,
  • e-commerce marketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • social media optimization,
  • e-mail direct marketing and other forms 

Digital marketing include many forms that pertain to managing and increasing your online market share.  Services would include:search engine optimization (SEO)search engine marketing (SEM)content marketing,influencer marketing content automation campaign marketing,data-driven marketing,e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, email direct marketing and other forms 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Online advertising.
  • Landing page marketing.
  • Smartphone marketing.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a truly effective form of internet marketing when deployed correctly.

  • Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked and the prices can vary wildly per click.
  • We have seen budgets from $50 per month to $500,000 per month and even more.
  • Consider it a calculated art form of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.  The numbers must work and that is why the budgets vary greatly.   
  • Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC.
  • There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad.
  • All of these searches trigger payperclick ads and based on experience  certain industries or categories do better.  

Absolutely, we have placed our starting monthly rates below, and our monthly rates for digital marketing solution offerings also go much higher. 

  • Any of our marketing portfolios  will include a blend of digital marketing solutions and some do include all forms;  but that offering is not listed, as it is a case by case offering. 
  • Also, we determine how your business or brand is positioned to determine what forms of digital marketing will provide the greatest return on your investment.
  • Many companies expand their digital marketing por

Technique Questions

  • We ensure you have a great user experience and site performance
  • Most of the time we will build out various landing pages that are well designed to drive the visitor to take a call-of-action.  If the Landing Page is designed for a a Search Intent then we drive traffic and with the best conversion rates. Other landing pages are designed first to visit your website, call, start a chat, request information, schedule an appointment. stopping by. 
  • Landing pages designs vary by the type of product and or solutions you offer and the search intent as it can be transactional, navigational, informational or  commercial. 
  • As you would conclude, the more your solutions costs, typically there is a longer sales cycle. 
  • Part of the science and art form of digital marketing is to uncover the many ways to reduce the sales cycle. 
  • Now, if we see that your site needs a makeover or a complete redesign, we will let you know.  Most of the time, we are offering methods to improve your site. 
  • However, a complete website or ecommerce site can be included in the price of your digital marketing solution as it was in the case study. 
  • We have streamlined our process and made it super easy to discover how we can help your business grow. It starts by identifying your unique challenges and opportunities for growth.
  • We always want to use our collective imagination to render the best results.
  • We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your business or brand is firmly in the limelight and your customers stay at the focus.

Yes, we do.  Most of our direct marketing solutions involving APIs leverages our proprietary platform, that along with some world-class partners, it delivers superior results.   

  • However, 3rd Party Solutions are also necessary, and we do employ them.  Here is why.  We cannot do all parts of our business and be as highly effective without 3rd party solutions.   
  • We ensure a seamless, transparent, solution that does not involve you to work with these partners directly.  Instead, we have taken care of all those back-end potential issues with our 3rd party vendors, and you will be working only with us, we will take full accountability, so there is never any finger pointing. 

Also, APIs are necessary not only on your website, e commerce sites but the multitude of different online platforms.  Without, APIs, token IDs, and passes your business can not legally do much and you are running your online business blind and not even tapping into the enormous online revenue potential 

  • Here is a simple example with low implications.  If you have a Google Map of your location on your website a Google API Map key must be registered and paid for to Google.  Only Developers would know this.  Now, this is a simple example that we see clients have not done, far too often and lets us know immediately what else we must do for them have dramatic results in record time. 
  • In this example using a Google Map, Bing Map, Apple Map on your website or ecommerce site, it’s not a deal breaker.  But it does negatively affect your company or brand to be displayed as often in organic search results.  And most businesses are blind to this as you are not in full compliance with Google. 
  • Many plugins need API keys to be registered and working properly. 

But now let’s take it to much higher level.  The online ecosystem where most of your potential clients are contain many different platforms and they do not natively speak to each other. 

When we mention the multitude of online platforms that if connected to one platform that is dynamically coded with structured data, then it is limitless what you can do with a click of the mouse.

Consider, there are search engines, voice search platforms, video search engines, intelligent systems and devices, social media platforms, local pages, directories, forums, chat sessions, emails, POS, GPS, MAPS, and the list continues. 

The point is you would want to have all these platforms talk to each other and provide you with intelligent data, drive tremendous traffic and higher rankings with more customer.

For Search Engines to reward you and allow your business or brand to benefit from all these platforms to the degree that is possible, then APIs must be deployed and 3rd party Solutions are part of solution. 

  • Our proprietary platform combines all these online platforms into one.  And this is what sets us apart from most of our competitors especially considering we most-effectively deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning within our platform along with our world-class partners. 
  • In addition, we have direct relationships with the top 100 publishers on all these platforms and they are the most reputable and with the most traffic. 
  • We ensure that your target audience traffic is driven to you as we have paid searches on all these platforms. 
  • Most notable, is all these platforms are setup to use dynamic coding and structured data. 
  • So, with a simple click of the mouse, you can send any form or media or sell your product or service across the entire online ecosystem and be published, indexed, and structured data makes it much easier and much more likely that Google will display your search results. 
  • With us you will have the opportunity to connect (with dynamic coding and APIs) all of the online platforms with Your Online Media Presence Manager.
  • And we build out micro-websites for you on all these platforms that can potentially drive tremendous results. 
  • It’s an unprecedented advantage to be everywhere online and to control your digital intelligence and reputation in almost real-time across all these platforms. 

One Crippling Review can do incredible damage to a company. 

Our platform not only enables 1st party reviews but allows you to quarantine any critical review up to 7 days and either resolve the matter with your client or dispute it all without it ever affecting your online reputation. 

This is a tremendous asset and competitive advantage but like all tools effectiveness, results depend on the operator.  

  • And that is why we encourage you to seriously consider us.  It will not be as impactful to increasing your bottom line if you have a website or ecommerce store that is sluggish, poorly designed with no rich content or media. 
  • If your potential buyers do not see compelling reasons to do business with you, they have too many choices to go elsewhere. 
  • Consider, it is not the company that offers the best product or service that does then best when they rightfully should. 
  • Instead, it is the company that is best marketed and advertised that does by a landslide.  Of course, they also must be able to meet expectations and deliver value.  But what if you offered a much better solution but you are invisible? 

This is the ultimate power and reason why selecting the right company that has the best team, resources, tools, digital marketing solutions, developers, graphic artists, photographers, video production team, and online platform that stacks the odds in your favor with abundant success.  

 This is a tricky and delicate topic that must be answered correctly, and in its entirety. 

Simply put, we guarantee results to your return on investment or will not take you onboard. We will not position our company to fail.  If this occurs, either the client’s budget is too low with too much work to do to ensure success. Or the client is not willing to adapt to the necessary fast-paced evolving market conditions that are always determined by the factors of your target audience’s needs and or desires. 

Higher rankings may not necessarily be the best digital marketing approach, especially if you are in an extremely competitive market or need results now and don’t have the budget. 

  • Being Ranked The Highest in  Search Result will undoubtedly be the most lucrative and yield the best results of converting organic traffic into business. 
  • And we feel, ranking high for organic search terms should always be the goal.
  • After all, it’s free traffic and those visitors are actively seeking out your products and or services. Only a direct referral is sweeter and better.

If the client needs immediate results and a low budget, then marketing effectively with paid advertising campaigns is certainly the primary approach.  Regardless, there should always be a blend of organic and paid digital marketing within your solution. Yet, budget is also a determining factor. 

We seek out higher rankings first with the low hanging fruit. These are considered long-tail keyword searches which we will go more in depth.

  • The more words you already rank for than generally the easier it is to rank for short or mid tail keywords or phrases.

    For example we would typically deploy a long-tail keyword organic search Digital Marketing Strategy, that has the best chances of yielding the highest rankings and results. And let’s go into a specific example to explain and illustrate this highly effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

A visitor who is seeking out your product and services will start their online research with a specific but general question.  We will use our industry as an example.

  1. Short-Tail Keywords: If the visitor started their search and simply typed ‘Marketing Solutions’ and hit enter, then this is considered a short-tail keyword or phrase and is extremely competitive, yet also the conversion ratio of that traffic is the lowest percentage. 
  2. Mid-Tail Keywords: Let’s say, the visitor determines after their initial search, that they must work with someone local and they don’t want print marketing or advertising for radio or TV, then that visitor would input their next search.  And that search query would look like this: ‘Digital Marketing Solutions in Saint Petersburg, FL’   This is considered a mid-tail keyword or phrase and although easier to rank for it is also a distortional lower percentage of people per month are searching for that key phrase. 
  3. Long-Tail Keywords: In this example, the visitor then decides, I want to only to seek out reputable local companies that are offering the best digital marketing solution under $500 a month.  So, the visitor then place their next search request and it would look like this.  ‘Reputable Digital Marketing Agency in Saint Petersburg that offers Comprehensive Solutions under $500 a month.’  Now as you can imagine, the number of long-tail keywords or phrases placed per month are lowest percentage.  But let’s consider these factors.
  • First, long-tail keywords offer the greatest return of conversions as the visitor is placing there request with a lot of specificity
  • Also, long-tail keywords are difficult to determine without the proper tools, but there are many and they come with the highest likelihood of ranking your search result at the top. 

Also, any variation or iteration of that search as long as it means the same thing then your your search result is rendered.  Unlike short and mid-tail keywords that have much less flexibility in this regard.

  In other words if different users place different searches with different words but are synonyms, and or the structure of the sentence is different or   word order or length increases or decreases, if the search is in the same context, and has the same meaning, then you earn that free traffic.  Google and the other search engines consider it a match and you receive that traffic too.

  • And this is so significant to consider because it also is the most beneficial and best type of search to capitalize on. 
  • At this point the visitor has determined exactly what they want and your opportunity to rank the highest for that is easiest.  

This is the low hanging fruit.  And there are many more long tail keyword opportunities a or phrases to rank highest for.  Most notably, it yields the highest percentage of business per visit.  So, a brilliant organic search term ranking strategy to start with, especially if you are not ranking well.

First, we would like to say  when you become our client, we build you out your own secure online portal and you will see live any changes we make in the production phase, while it is invisible to the search engines and the world. This is an incredible advantage to ensure complete transparency, efficiency, quick changes, and less costly with many enhancements. 

In addition, all the assets, media, content,  and uploads, all communications, calendar apps for any in person to online collaborative team meetings, and including  invoicing and paying online all securely centralized and extremely organized within your secure account portal. 

This is a major advantage as it enables you to see the project in real time and adjustments made early can  save a lot of time, effort and expenses.  Plus the organization aspect allows for our team to collaborate with your team  and our collective ideas to help make your website better and faster than you ever imagined.

The steps in the process can vary but ideally, they would be:

Step 1: Website Goal Setting

Step 2: Define Web Design Project Scope For Your Website

Step 3: Website Mind-mapping

Step 4: Create Information Architecture

Step5: Create A Website Prototype

Step 6: Content Review

Step 7: Wire-framing Design

Step 8: Develop

Step 9: Launch

Step 10: Test

We design or redesign mobile first sites that easily scales up to any size device.

  • What Does That Mean?
    • lightening-fast site speed to any device
    • responsive site across any device size
    • higher rankings
    • increased traffic
    • increased conversions
    • UI and UX
    • beautiful layouts that display uniquely across device sizes
    • dramatically increases functionality
    • intuitive navigation
    • rich features
    • ecommerce store or website.
  • We offer solutions for Mobile AMP & PWA sites. 
  • We optimize
    • mobile sites
    • websites
    • eCommerce sites
      • The many ways or ala carte site optimizations
        • html coding
        • php & MySQL
        • javascript
        • structured data
        • user experience
        • sie speed
        • responsiveness
        • cross browser compatibility
        • backward browser compatibility
        • site performance
        • features and functionality
        • site structure
        • internal linking
        • shopping cart features and functionality
        • UX and UI
        • higher rankings
        • canonicals
        • content
Regardless if you have a eCommerce Store or a Website, we offer a detailed comprehensive assessment without any obligation. It’s FREE!
  • And we will even calculate what it means to your bottom line, thanks to Google. 

Whether you are seeking a next-gen, next-stage brand Ecommerce Website, that must be incredibly secure and with features and functionality that performs summersaults over your competitors and also outwits your competition in look, feel content, rankings, and user-experience, then choose us. 

 Regardless of they type of website you want you can be sure it must be relevant, secure, fully- responsive, and provides an immersive experience that envelops your ideal-target audience and compels them to take the desired action steps you want. Some of the biggest elements to achieving this is for us to provide your website with the richest-content, media, assets, and resources that are all intuitively easy for your visitors to find and understand. Your website layout, design, technical SEO, navigation, must be flawless, dynamic, with enhanced features and functionality, all marketed and intuitively guides visitors to act, which also makes for a great user-experience. 

You must be organically found online or you have no choice but to only advertise. We optimize all on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including all the inter-links between the pages; this better defines the context of your content to the search engines. It also provides easier navigation, and user-experience for your visitors. Another imperative On Page SEO task that incredibly important is to place the best alt-descriptions on all your images, pdfs, videos, media, and assets. Consider that all this text descriptions are not seen by the visitor, only the search engines. This saves precious real-estate and provides a smooth clean-looking website; it is also an incredible opportunity to rank much better because the web crawlers cannot see images and objects. But it is quite easy to get this wrong and be penalized by the search engines if they deem you are cheating by keyword stuffing, for example, to rank better. Therefore, done correctly by an SEO expert, this method ensures the search engines easily understand, index, make contextual interrelationships between objects and words and that is what achieves much better rankings which drives free traffic to your website by the search engines. Another major ranking benefit to optimally place alt-descriptions on all objects and images is because the blind depends on alt-image descriptions to hear and understand what the images, objects, pdfs, assets, and resources all are. This is of critical importance to the search engines as it is considered accessibility.

We must also account for performance which is far more important than speed. No matter how relevant or secure your website is, if it does not perform according to mobile standards, you will not receive free traffic to your website. And again, performance is quite different than speed. Consider if a website displays immediately but you cannot click on any button or any page for 5 more seconds? Your website must render and be displayed fast, but also be interactive, and optimally seen on every device type, every device size, and across every browser. It should also account for many visitors using older devices and older browsers. This means your website must fully be functional and working on older devices and browsers, even if your website was built with the newest features and functionality that the old browsers and devices are not capable of working on. It’s up to your web developer to design a fallback feature or functionality so it is backward compatible and performs optimally. This is a major consideration if you seek to be discovered more often and higher positioned in the search engines for free.

Your Media Services excels where it counts most in deigning websites as mobile websites are ranked first and most will view your website on a mobile phone. In addition, not many web developers will even attempt building a lightning fast mobile website with AMP and PWA that fully loads, renders, display and is completely interactive in under one second. This is because of the radical difference in technologies and it is overly complex. And finally, we can custom build mobile apps and integrate almost any platform, proprietary software or third-party app or widget or connection to intranets securely over any type of website. 

 In terms of building out websites, having a team of diversified graphic and motion graphic artists, illustrators, logo designers, vector artists, not only make your website perform optimally by rendering all your images and videos properly but the distinct advantage of creating the best videos, video explainers, custom images, infographics, logos, layouts deigns for your website can not be underscored.

Consider how powerful it is to combine all the above with the best SEO services? We ensure your content is SEO copyright optimized for search-ability and so your website is rendered in more searches and positioned and displayed much better in the search results. It’s great to receive a massive amount of free traffic but more importantly. you must be able to convert visitors to your website into actionable business. We have world-class marketers that works alongside our MBA content curators to deliver rich-content that is unique while our marketers and SEO experts ensure your potential clients want to take the action-steps you designed for them, according to your business model.

If content is king, then video is its crown. Our video production team create next-gen animated videos, to video explainers and live videos. We best showcase your products and services and present your value proposition in a compelling and easy-to-understand way. 

Hire us and you will have the absolute best! Your Media Services will build-out your ideal website with 3D eyes-on-steroids. Let’s paint, design, develop your website into a dynamic-fluid marketing masterpiece that is always in motion and achieves your most ambitious goals. 

Whether a website design company is developing an rich ecommerce website to a fully responsive website, or even a mobile AMP website with PWA integrated with custom Mobile Apps will clearly vary dramatically.  So  which technologies, platforms and programming languages used should be considered very carefully depending on the scope of the project.

Typically the essential  3 main languages in order to build a rudimentary website are: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Today however, certainly that list includes:  jquery, bootstrap HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

While the list above is the shortened version, the list of programming website protocols and languages are very long and all have their complexity.  Most developers must know the  three essentials protocols HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

We certainly want to underscore the importance of other essential technologies and protocols otherwise you can only develop a website from a theme level and not from a server and hosting level.   We know from experience all these languages and many more depending on the website, are necessary to know based on the complexity and size of the project. Yet it would take the most brilliant developer to intimately know many of these  very complex web developer technologies. 

This is precisely why assembling a team that all have their programming skills, expertise, and diversity of strengths, it’s about how it all works together collectively with the the right people are  critical.

Now this is a great question because based on what you are looking to accomplish having the right developer team makes all the difference between failure. to functional but is riddled with problems to incredible success

● HTML – stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

● CSS – stands for Cascading Style Sheets

● CSS 3

● JavaScript –  is the programming language that control the behavior of web pages.

● jQuery –  is a lightweight and “write less, do more
 JavaScript library




● Bootstrap

It depends on the scope of the project, but more often other web development technologies that are innovative are used in customizing very deep and rich fully responsive complex websites, to world-class ecommerce websites; and quite different technologies for lightning fast mobile websites that use AMP with PWA.  Then there are the building custom mobile apps integrated with their proprietary networks to their 3rd party networks, all within their mobile websites.  

Angular is one of the latest web technologies designed specifically for developing dynamic web applications.

It also depends on the CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, Joomla, TYPO3, Concrete5, SharePoint.  Each of these theme platforms lend themselves very differently according to the website programming languages used. 

In most cases, it depends on the scope of the project that best determines which CMS is best for the job, although technically speaking most CMS can achieve the end result, regardless of complexity, Yet, the functionally, performance, the many ongoing issues, new features that must be added will all vary dramatically depending on the CMS, hosting platform, CDN and many other decisions made prior to commencing the website.  Each CMS is certainly the best for any given website project depending on the set of circumstances and what is needed to be accomplished and this is true in terms from the simplest website to most complex. Moreover, the more complex the website or ecommerce website to mobile AMP with PWA website has many outside factors to be considered. For instance, if the project needs the integration of proprietary software, custom apps, 3rd party software and application integration within the website.  The level of features, functionality, performance, SEO, media, assets, security, are always necessary.  Yet what if the project involves an existing or hybrid intranet?  Or a new build-out of an intranet that must be integrated with their internet and must all scale and accommodate the integration of any new intranet, proprietary software, and apps if the client is constantly acquiring companies.

Also, especially noteworthy to mention is the hosting platform like Amazon, Google, or Shopify.  Each have their unique and proprietary way of hosting. Most hosting platforms allow the developers to make all the decisions and have complete access, but not all. 

For Example, Shopify has their own themes called ‘Liquid Themes’ and there are third-party liquid themes, however, all must comply with how a liquid theme is built or it simply will never work or be accepted.   These liquid themes are extraordinarily rich, with incredible features and functionality, and are especially dynamic themes that lend itself well to ecommerce sites. 

But one of the biggest caveats using Shopify as an ecommerce hosting platform is all changes to a website is expected to be done only on a theme level. Every website should not just be designed and optimized form the theme level, but it is nearly as important that the servers must be configured optimally. Yet, Shopify does not let any developer touch their servers, let alone configure them.  It all depends on the certified level of Shopify certified developer that determines that and at all levels, no Shopify developer has complete server access.  This means that regardless that the Shopify developer is at the highest certified level to configure their client’s websites, there are too many limitations that Shopify will not allow that would make for the best configurations on behalf of their client.

And what is most noteworthy, is if those limitations are crippling the full potential of the client’s needs and decides to change hosting platforms, it may be impossible. Shopify purposefully deploys their own proprietary programming language version or Ruby.  This means no matter what level of expertise a developer has with Ruby, Shopify is using their own proprietary version of Ruby making all their expertise with Ruby almost useless.  And the implications are that as you scale it becomes very costly as they are extremely strict on who is licensed to configure anything on their Shopify servers where your liquid them lives.  And again, the bigger the ecommerce website it makes it almost impossible to change hosting providers.  If the company can afford and live within these constraints, they can also thrive, and many do. 

With all that we explained, it is important to note, some of our developers are well-versed and experts with Ruby on Rails and we do have Shopify Partners within our staff, and we are called upon often when Shopify sites get riffled with problems.

Ruby on Rails is a server-side website technology that makes app development much easier and faster.

We also have developers that are experts with: 

Meteor JS. …
Express.js. …
Zend. …
Django. …

We have our reputation, credentials, our integrity, and they are impeccable.  But in simple terms: you probably can’t be guaranteed. Ideas are only that – ideas. You could try to get a patent or ask us to sign a non compete; and we would do so.  We are very transparent, and are very detailed about our process for creating, designing,  developing, and managing almost any type of website.  So do your homework on us.   

The reality is if someone creates a “better” social network,  or a better mouse trap, my bet is most often, it’s just a new idea to enhance something old.  There are few original ideas. 

YouTube success was because of the perfect timing of the market and the latest technologies  Yet, it was tried by many others.  Perhaps what happens more often, is they found a way to make it better product or service with the collective ideas of others. 

Consider no matter how brilliant an idea is without bringing it to life, it’s just an idea.  A brilliant idea still has to be brought to life at the right time, with the right team, and more importantly, with the best marketing, advertising, and best supporting their product or service as they scale.

And if they are listening to their clients it becomes a very different company anyway.  Amazon sold books online,  but that is not at all the company they are today. 


Our Google Ad Management Fees are a percentage if your monthly budget. You can call us at (727) 205-3905 to get more accurate details on pricing matters.

To be certified in all Google Adwords competencies a company would need:

– Search Advertising
– Display Advertising
– Google Analytics IQ
– Video Advertising
– Shopping Advertising
– Mobile Advertising

Yes, we will assign a dedicated project manager as well as the expertise of our entire team!

In addition, we build out your own private secure account portal to see all reports, progress, expenditures, ability to set calls, online meetings, appointments, according to your schedule and as often as you like as well as a centralized email, uploads, and paying invoices.

Pay as much as you can afford for higher rated keywords. There will be stiff competition, but that is how you know those keywords work. Consult with one of our experts in Google Ads Management, and you will find a quicker return on your investment.

Technically both terms are  correct, and mean the exact same thing.  However, recently Google hos switched from Google AdWords to Google Ads.

Google Ads Management will help you run on effective marketing campaign. There is a distinction between choosing generic keywords for an ad campaign and hoping they will convert visitors to buyers.

Yet, Keyword research is of the utmost importance and once we have that established for you, along with omitting keywords in similar clusters but imply something completely different like: DYI (Do it Yourself) would undermine any success if that is included is any keyword combination.

Of course, there are many other elements involved, but you can be sure this is right track for a more productive advertising strategy.

A key method is to effectively target your ads is by geotargeting. This also means creating a compelling ad that will appeal to a certain section of the population, whether that is locally, notionally, or internationally. By refining your marketing efforts in this way, the people that your ad does attract, will be more inclined to follow the link to your site or landing page.

It takes a combination of carefully crafted techniques to provide the greatest probability that those who are simply curious, do click on your ad, verses those who are your ideal genuine buyers, that do click.

Yes, most certainly!  Our team will provide a free Google Ad audit to see what types of improvements should be considered to stack the odds in your favor, that you receive the best results, and ROI for for your Google Ad campaign.

No, while most companies charge for a Google Ad Campaign set up fee, this cost is built into our management fee!

This also means based on our experience, we must have a great track record to do it this way.

Google has now optimized their algorithm to be mobile-first. This means that everything is optimized towards mobile before any other device. It is essential for any business to have their ads show up on mobile devices. The rate of people using their mobile devices to connect to just about anything has dramatically increased in recent years.

Once we have created your ad, you will discover more mobile users are accessing it than laptop or pc-users.

We want you to consider concentrating optimizing your budget there.


Facebook is currently the world’s leading social media platform. With over a billion active users every month, it provides businesses with massive potential to reach their target audience.

Plus, it is where the underpriced attention remains, albeit the ROI is diminishing.

To help drive better ads performance, we specialize in native ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, and in-stream videos.

You should wait at least four days to start seeing results. Keep in mind that Facebook ads typically improve their results and gain some traction over the course of several days.

Your Media Services will do most of the heavy lifting; and it is our preference to do the proper research to best ensure we provide the optimal ROI. In many cases, we will ask for the information we need from your existing website. Product photos ore extremely helpful towards building a professional Facebook ads campaign

No. Google ads and Facebook ads are different in the way they target people. Facebook mostly targets people based on their interests. Facebook keep tracks of their users’ profiles, i.e. what interests they have recently added, pages they have liked, etc. Google ads target on what their users are typing in the search bar at that moment.

The main question you really should ask is what is your entire marketing budget? Currently, a safe measure is to use 10% to 20% of your overall marketing budget for your Facebook campaigns, if possible.


Currently, the available ad types include: standard text ads, app install ads, Bing Ads in Bing Smart Search, Microsoft Audience Ads, product ads, dynamic search ads, and expanded text ads.

Bing Ads serves most mobile search text ads in the 1 position [most valuable position) on search results pages across their network.

What’s important to mention is that ad quality, bids, and other auction dynamics may affect your ad position.

Gemini is a marketplace that offers native and search advertising in a single platform.

However, it is not part of the Bing Network as it’s on isolated platform that displays ads based on the environment and content a customer is viewing.

It mostly serves up search text ads on tablets and smartphones across Yahoo, and its partner sites.

Yes, that’s one of our hallmarks! While we have worked with clients who have a specific budget they want to work with, we also cater to businesses that are now exploring online PPC advertising. 

Your budget requirements are usually determined by numerous factors, including the competitiveness of the industry, estimated click volume estimates, and cost per click.

Of course! There are several ways to best address improving your Click-Through-Rates (CTR).

You can boost your average ad position, utilize in-house keyword research tools, organize highly related ads and keywords into their own ad groups, and more.

You can also improve your ad copy by addressing your audience directly with Your” and “You”.

You also need to be more specific with your promotions, e.g. writing, “80% OFF!” instead of just “Hey, we are offering huge discounts!”


Display ads are remarkably effective form of online advertising. They have small advertisement boxes  you have most likely seen them on countless websites. They are clearly advertising or selling something, and they encourage you to click on them to find out more information. At that point, the visitor will be taken to a landing page or a website; More recently, they include videos as well as text.

Google and Bing are two popular advertising platforms that people turn to for Display ads such as web banner distribution. Let us guide you on this important step of your online advertising journey.

Display ads can be placed on many different websites using web ad banners and do not appear in the search results page function as Google ads do.

Display ads are short ads designed to entice a buyer’s appetite about your products or services.

As with other types of advertising, you can create an advertisement to ideally target your demographic. niche, location, etc. Display advertising can be found on just about every site.


A landing page is a web page that is precisely crafted to be designed for the intent of search: (Transactional Search, Navigational Search, Commercial Investigation Search, or Informational Search)

Landing pages contains a clear, concise breakdown of your product or service if it is a commercial investigation search or a transactional search. The difference would be inherently designed within the landing page. If you are targeting visitors who are making a transactional search, then you know that visitor has the intent to buy. And you need to do everything creative and innovative to optimize the visitors to purchase your product or service with compelling reasons to do so immediately.

Landing pages are quite different from how a website home page is designed. Landing pages are designed to quickly inform, make the visitor feel comfortable enough, provide credentials, showcase the competitive edge you offer and entice them to want to offer their information as leads or even a purchase if the visitor had placed a commercial investigation search.

If your business has an expensive product or service, then you may want to be positioned as a thought leader in the early phase of a visitor’s informational search. This way the visitor continues to return to your site to gain invaluable information and trust you as the go-to leader in your industry. In this case, the landing page would entice the first-time visitor to visit your website or other landing pages but not before offering a free eBook or seminar to capture detailed information about the visitor. And this way, your business could determine if those visitors are qualified and are good potential leads to nurture.

Regardless of how the landing page its fall back is always designed to capture prized information about your visitors to follow-up with your marketing efforts and even in remarketing campaigns.

The short answer to this is yes, although they all have their specific purpose of capturing your data to help promote your products or services. Click through pages usually hove a link to allow a visitor to go to your website.

Lead generation pages generally collect emails and names, which will then be compiled and sent to you for email drip campaign to many other types of email automation services that we offer.

Not everyone uses a landing page, but they are incredibly useful, especially with PPC advertising. Once a person visits the landing page, they have four options: first, they can choose to add their data to receive something of value to them. Secondly and ideally, they can purchase from you. However, they can decide to leave without doing anything. And lastly, they can end up on your website to learn more.

Once they leave their information, you have a lead that you can follow-up with paid products or higher value products. For example, after receiving a free eBook. Landing pages are extensively used to increase conversions in in paid advertising campaigns because you have the distinct advantage of designing your landing page based on the search intent the visitor is making.

The first thing you need is a compelling offer. Add to that an eye-catching design and a call-to-action form and then you have accomplished more than most. You just need a thank you page and a way of delivering your offer. Sounds a bit complicated? Don’t worry we can help you with all that and much more.

What you don’t want to use are these templated landing pages that visitors can see a mile away and are used by the masses. You want to stand out and that means the landing page must be tailored to your business and the intent of the visitor you are paying to target.

We certainly encourage your feedback as you know your business and your best clients better than anyone. It is especially helpful to share with us what’s on your mind during the start of the project.

Our team members will learn your business and formulate an appropriate strategy to achieve the ideal landing page design for your PPC campaign. We are always available and open to feedback to improve the performance.


Not everyone that visits a site will buy straight away. Some people may visit a website or landing page, show some interest but then leave. Some visitors may need to be enticed more and you will need creative ways at keeping your products and services front and center.

This can be done in the form of remarketing especially considering you already paid for them to click on your site or landing page and they must have done so for a reason.

Remarketing is way of placing a targeted ad at those people, and encouraging them to reconnect with your site, your products, and services.

You may have noticed as you pass from one site to another that some of them may display ads that are similar to a site you have already visited, even if the content is not related. This is a remarketed ad. These types of ads con be displayed on any site that accepts Google Display Network ads.

It’s all about cookies! Anywhere you visit you leave a trail. By creating a remarketing ad through Google, you can create your own criteria and once a visitor matches thot criteria then their cookie ID is matched to your criteria list and your ad will be displayed for them.


Yes, you can control how long a person’s cookie ID is on your remarketing ad list. You can also control the number of ads thot ore shown in a day as well as the number of impressions shown to a person. You can even block your ads from certain websites if you wish.

As with all Google ads, you can also set up gender, location, hobbies, interests, etc. This is also a very cost-effective way to gain sales from people who need a little extra nudge to commit to a sale.

We will first need to design the ad creatives, set up conversion tracking, and configure core analytics before launching one. You can expect the overage turnaround time to be around one week. Consider that we want the absolute best results and achieving them means careful planning and research


Ecommerce advertising is a way of marketing your business using different channels, such as pay per click, product listing ads, banner advertising, display advertising, or email advertising.

To get the best results, you should use as many different advertising methods as possible, especially if you are a new ecommerce business and do not have organic traffic or brand recognition.

Many companies use conversion funnels to turn wary prospects into buyers. Some people are wary about giving away their personal details. The business needs to establish trust with these individuals before getting them as paying customers. With the use of a conversion funnel, you can provide a free quality product or e-book in your niche of choice, allowing you to worm up the customer. You can then follow-up with autoresponders to sell other goods and upsells. There are many other ways too.

Absolutely. Our team utilizes a combination of mediums, e.g. phone calls, sales tracking, reports, proprietary software, 3rd party platforms, etc., to analyze and optimize your campaign.

Well, we start with how well you know your subject and market because it will directly impact how well your business flourishes.

If you just create a random advertisement that is backed with zero research and market analysis, then you are unlikely to succeed and may lose money as well. A professional team of marketers will help research, identify, improve, and create the best marketing strategy for you.

With a clear understanding of your aims, goals, value proposition, and products, then we can position you for success not only with advertising but the marketing, SEO, and content curation of your ecommerce website. You are far more likely to attract more visitors to your site with many more buyers.

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