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Website design should inherently provide visitors with an immersive user-experience.As a leading Website Design Agency we made it our mission to provide the very best user experience, buyer experience and customer experience for our clients.

In addition, Our Holistic SEO Services offers our clients the very best technical SEO, user experience, site performance, site security, site accessibility, rich-content media and assets, with intuitive navigation.

The net result is to transform businesses into thriving brands. We believe websites, mobile websites, and online websites are at the core of accomplishing this.

YOur Media Services Web design aapproach to design websites, mobile websites, weband mobile apps, and optiization

Technical SEO & Website Designs

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Many options from Ala Carte to Custom Packages - Here are the main technologies; protocols, the ways we employ them to: optimize sites, design or resdien sites, devlop apps, or integrate sites.

In addition, how we develop custom web applications, to mobile applications, implement iron-clad security,to optimize content, coding, blogs, structered data, website & mobile performance, calls-to-actions, site aestechics, site engagement, increase site and blog traffic, higner conversion ratios, more sales, repeat saltes, high dollar per transactions, data capturing, and so much more

  1. Mobile PWA & AMP Sites

  2. Responsive Website Development

  3. Online Store Website Designs

  4. Site Design, Redesign, & Development

  5. Performance API Intergraton

Solutions for Responsive Webistes, Mobile Fist Sites Online eCommerce Stores

  • HTML5 form Features

  • HTML audio & Video

  • HTML5 Canvas Features

  • HTLCL New Reatures

  • HTML5 Many CSS functions can be done directly

    HTML5 coding - best practices and indutry guidelines

    Brower Based Coding( i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge) and CMS Coding(i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify) and Thene Coding

    • HTML5 minification
    • Optimize html5
    • HTML parsing

CSS3 styling - best coding practices and guidelines

Brower Based Coding( i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge) and CMS Coding(i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify) and Thene Coding

  • Internal CSS
  • CSS Classes, Divs, & IDs
  • CCSS colors and gradients
  • CSS Floating & positioning,
  • CSS Margings, Borders, & padding
  • CSS Font siles, stylesheets, external stylesheets
    • Exteral CSS
    • FOnt displays, CSS Projects
    • CSS3 Advanced Selectors
    • CSS3 Pseudo Classes
    • CSS3 Gradients and Shadows
    • CSS3 Transformations & Animations
    • CSS3 Layout and Calculations

Creating, Building, Optimizing, Improving perfomrance, engament and and Debuggingin CSS

  • Minify CSS
  • Inline CSS
  • Parse CSS
  • CSS concatenation
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Preload CSS External Stylesheets
    • Combine CSS stylesheets & files,
    • Generate CSS critical rendering path
    • Optimize CSS

Javascript best coding practices & guidelines

Brower Based Coding( i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge) and CMS Coding(i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify) and Thene Coding

  • Minify javascscript
  • Inline javascript
  • Javascript concatenation
  • Remove unused javascript
  • Reduce javascript execution time
    • Asymchronis javascript
    • Defer javasscript
    • Combine javascript stylesheets
    • Optimize javascript
    • Minimize main-thread javascript work
    • Avoid chaining critical javascript requests

Jquery best practices & guidelines

Brower Based Coding( i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge) and CMS Coding(i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify) and Thene Coding

  • Remove jquery migrate
  • jqueary ajax mimimizes https requests
  • jquery expressions
  • jquery droppables

Bootstrap 4 Custom Themes - Awesome looking Resposive Websites

Brower Based Coding( i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge) and CMS Coding(i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify) and Thene Coding

  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Nav bars & Mega Menus
  • Forms & Tables
    • Bootstrap Modals, Popovers & Tooltips
    • Bootstrap Scrollspy
    • Bootstrap App Landing Pages

PHP - Web Server for Coding, Automation, Optimization, Server-Side Scripting

  • Generate Dyanmic Page content
  • If Configured optimally contains HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP Code
  • If Configured optimally dramatically reduces the need for plugins, and takes the heavy lifiting off CMS, Themes, and Browsers, imporiving website performance, security, and minimizing completity and and errors
  • Can be Configured to create, open, read, write, and close files on server
  • Optimal for colecting form data
  • Can be configured to send and receive cookies
  • Adds, deltes, modifies, and optimizes data and tables within your databases
  • Can be configured to control user-access
  • Can encrpt data and dramatically improve website performance
    • PHP varables, syntax, data types, echo/print
    • PHP arrays, strngs, constraints, operators
    • PHP If...Else...Else If, Statements,
    • PHP switch, while loops, for loops
    • PHP functions, scripts, forms, sending emails, superglobals

MySQL - Web Server, Database Server, Integrates with PHP

  • Properly configuring MySQL Database
  • Retreiving insightful data from database
  • Inserting and updating data, data tables, data files
  • Looping through data and data files
  • Session variables amd files
    • Cookies and Cookie Files
    • Optimizing MySql Datbases for Custom Web Applications
    • Custom Configuring Databases both public and private use
    • dramatatically enhancing website performance, sercurity, and queries
    • Custom configure databases for employees, clients, partners, webites users, etc.
    • Analyze custom database files to make great business descisons

APIs Powerful WebServers - Integrates with Websites, Custom Apps, Mobile Apps

  • Allow Developers to implement APIs that are so powerful to leverage the content and data that massive webservies and Online Publishers from Google, Facebbok, Twitter, to Analytics and Big Data for you and/or your clients benefits
  • Integrate APIs into custom Mobile/Web Apps to provide powerful client benefits, analytics, ecommerce, merchant accounts, facebook, twitter, social media APIs, for social engagement, selling, and form your distributors, parrtners and manaufacters
  • A trememensous asset and most often very inexpensive to implement but most companies are not aware of how the biggest companies in the world provide APIs for their benefit as well but the surely the any business benefits more with the right APIs
  • In many cases if you are not using the publishers APIs youw will not see important information and some case you business racks up violations that impact your domain authority and free Google Trafic

Python - Ideal and Clean Server-Side Launguge - Powerful engough to Build Internet of Things

  • Gateway Serverside hub and steppping stone launguage when even proprietarty protocols are in place
  • Ideal for developing websites that integrate and cusomt build Internot of things.
    • Python variables and arrays, strings
    • Phython loops and if Statements
    • Phython Functions and Projects
    • Phyton Casting and Project Masterinding


  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • search engine marketing (SEM)
  • landing page marketing.
  • content marketing,
  • e-commerce marketing,
  • social media optimization, (SMO)
  • e-mail direct marketing,
  • email drip marketing automation 
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing.
  • Online advertising

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