Social Media Management
Advanced Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Your Media Services is the industry’s leading social media management agency. We offer competitive social media management services. Equally as important are our custom social media marketing service plans; it positions businesses to build a brand presence. Our clients also generate much more revenue from social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

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Revenue Through Social Results

Value-Driven Social Media Marketing

Social Media Engineering

Let us be your guide for social journalism and social engagement; as a surgical practitioner, we’ll work hard to achieve the best social media engineering & sales results.

Connect ⟹ Interact ⟹ Increase Sales

Managed Social Media ♦ Build A Brand ♦ Brand Campaign Strategy

Social Media Marketing Social Media Advertising Social Media Branding

How to Experience Explosive Social Media Campaign Results?

Our social media campaigns increase the access and exposure to our client’s target audience by up to 10 fold; thus, we provide greater social engagement. Above all, the net result is higher conversions, additional consumers, and more revenue with repeat sales.

A Social Media Paradigm Shift;
Our Strategies for Social Media!

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Managed Social Media ♦ Advertising & Promotion Campaigns

Social Media Management

Optimizing social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; & more by creating, publishing, &: analyzing content posted. It engages & interacts with social media users.

MicroBlog - Infographics Platform

A microblog is a short piece of content designed for quick audience interactions -it is a combination of instant messaging and content production.


A content hub is a destination where website visitors can find branded, curated, social media, user-generated, or any type of content related to a topic.

Your Social Media Managed Campaigns

Social Marketing

Create engaging campaigns that build a brand experience, that can't be missed.

Social Selling

Find, track, and nurture client's needs and desires at every step of their journey.

Social Customer Service

Get to know your target audience and be there for clients, they need you.

Our clients experience an impressive ROI (Return-on-Investment) on their social media campaigns managed by Your Media Services. Simply put, we drive engagement across all touchpoints, along with a consistent, empowering brand visual creatives, storytelling, and a strategy based on meticulous user experience research.

What's Your Social Score?

Social score is a total of your engagement metrics (or user actions) and engagement rates. Social Networks differ from each other

What's Your Social Index?

Social Media Index (SMI) is the percentage of traffic the online publishing industry receives from social media every single day.

Each Social Channel Requires its Own Strategy

Twitter content is displayed chronologically in real-time, whereas posts on Facebook and Instagram appear based on relevance and engagement. The lifeline of posts is dependent on whether others are commenting or engaging with content. Furthermore, if an entity has little to no social proof, its social content will mostly go unseen. In short, each social platform has different rules of engagement. Social Algorithms determine social media; therefore, a business must plan what, when, and how to publish any social content type.

Social Media Listening Services

Were all ears

Protect your valuable online reputation with our social media listening services.

Social Media Security

Social Media Analytics

How does a business protect itself from a public relations crisis or a negative social media story or, perhaps, a detrimental news-press story? If a business is not aware, how can it protect its name or brand? Consider, when a business receives terrible reviews on social media or any online publisher platforms, they do not monitor. The implications can quickly drive businesses to bankruptcy. With Social Media Listening Service, our team of experts watches over our client’s brand throughout the digital universe. We monitor social accounts for any relevant mentions or comments while providing a strategic response. Alternatively, if we ever need to provide crisis management services, then we must have the ability to be everywhere with the right message, with just a click.

Social Media Management → Our Process

Social Media Management Process.

Manage social assets and bring your team together with our dashboard

YouTube is a Social Media Game Changer

Social Media Managed Solutions

Launch Your Business to New Heights 

Social Media Management Tools

♦ Cross Channel Promotion ⇔ Social Marketing Channels ♦

Social Media Marketing ♦ Managed Social Resources

Your Media Services Creates and Manages Powerful Social Media Campaigns

Social Community Management

Cross-Channel Marketing Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Communication Inforgraphic

What does Your Social Media Management Services Include:

Custom images

Cover and profile photo design

Original social media posts

Social media account audit

Boosted post ad management

In-depth competitor analysis

Data-driven social strategy

Advanced marketing technology

Transparent monthly reports

Daily social media monitoring

Dedicated social media manager

Social media network setup

Facebook Reviews

Lots of Customization Options

You are totally free to display or hide the data you want from the advanced settings. In addition, you will have the ability to customize and style Facebook Reviews  to match your website’s color scheme.

Facebook Blueprint Certified Associates Client’s Social Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Blueprint Certification Digital-Associate Badge

Social Media Engagement

The incredible potential of free social media and shared social content

Our team excels at creating content-rich posts and media with the use of open-graph and structured data.

This enables search engines to intelligently render in more search results, while beautifully presenting compelling messages and posts.

A business’s social media presence is most effective when it encourages sharing; after all, social media’s hallmark is free advertising.


The ability to do this correctly increases user-engagement and inspires quality while negating quantity. recognition too.

Based on our experience, our SMO (Social Media Optimization) and techniques have dramatically boosted our client’s business social media presence and brand