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"If content is king, then video is its crown " Maria Gonlaz

In addition, to all online advertising platforms,  we have access to 100s of local 50 inch HDTVs that can be placed at a variety of  high- traffic local establishments.

  • Your video ad can play up to 100 times a day. 
  • It’s inexpensive and very effective for branding and getting new clients. 
  • This represents a small fraction of the types of video ads we do for our clients.

Most clients leverage their asset  as video banners, posts, web ads campaigns and on all social media platforms including their websites. 

  • We also post graphic still ads and on HDTVs at high-traffic local places
  • Place your ads locally or on top websites and we’ll ensure it’s indexed by all the search engines.
  • This includes your websites, ecommerce stores, social media platforms, and everywhere across the digital universe. 
  • Ideally, it should attract attention and envelop your target audience
  • We excel at driving your visitors to take the desired action you want. 
  • Ensuring you are on the right platforms are critical to find, attract and sell to your ideal customers at an optimal ROI.