Video Marketing Best Strategies of 2020

Video has come a long way and is the new SEO. It accounts for 80% of all internet traffic and, every year, mobile video consumption increases by 100%. On average, users share video 1,200% more than links and text posts combined.

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Take Your Video Production & Marketing to The Next Level

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your marketing plan, you’re making a smart move, and your customers (and your wallet) will thank you

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World-Class Video Production

We’re a full-service video, motion graphics & content laboratory for the 21st century. Our studios is furnished with modern equipment for our end-to-end process streamlined and powerful.

Video Production Studio
Motion & VX


Top Video Production 2020

industry veterans and digital natives, nurture digital and broadcast productions through all phases of development—from research to post-production to launch.

artists and animators is armed with top-tier tools and software to bring imaginative concepts to life and win over clients..

partner and we are equipped with sound stages, photography studios, an audio-mixing studio, a color-grading suite, an animation and VFX wing, workstations, cameras, offices, truck parking, and dedicated spaces for clients, hair and makeup, post-production, equipment, and prop storage.

Creative Spaces For Creative Thinkers

Video Drives Search Results

Google’s search engine algorithms are now able to parse through video content and identify key on-screen elements that searchers need to know. 

Additionally, the on-page elements that surround a video play key roles in how the content is crawled, indexed and served to users.A great video goes only as far as a strong video marketing campaign can take it and as a video marketer,video-retargeting can help make sure that you connect video ads to your shoppers – wherever they’re watching. And until now, there hasn’t been a way to re-target this vast audience with an engaging video format that offers one-to-one professionalization and relevant product recommendations.

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Video Advertising and Remarketing

Your Medias Service's Retargeting delivers video ads targeted at individuals based on their behavior and shopping intent and with...

Your Media Services Creative approach and team of experts, we leverage tee  technology, those video ads can be personalized in real-time, offering relevant deals with personalized creative..

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Video Marketing: Provides Better Leads, More Sales, and Lifelong Customers

Your  Media Services has impeccable track- record of creating engaging videos for all types of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, and video advertising. If you want your videos to pack a punch and captivate your audience, we’re the video marketing company for you.

What We Do
Animation Services

Our motion graphics designers synthesize complex ideas and animate them in 2D and 3D formats.

Through animation, you can explain dense, technical software and elaborate product specs with ease.

Event Blogs

Maximize the value of live events by filming the big moments your audience wants to see.

Trade shows, private events and industry conferences are great for physically interacting with attendees, but the business opportunities don’t end there: Repurpose footage from live events for social media and post-event follow-ups.

Video Blogs

Video Blogs are just that: blogs in a more consumable, direct video format.

Through animation, you can explain dense, technical software and elaborate product specs with ease.

Complement your Editorial strategy with 60-second v-blogs narrated and presented by on-screen actors. Each v-blog also features image backdrops, visual cues and branding elements which support engagement, lead generation and conversions.

Video Testimonials

Sometimes, your customers’ stories are the ones most worth telling.

Leverage our video production team to create video testimonial and case studies that demonstrate real-world success stories.

Whiteboard Video Production

Present information, educate audiences and illustrate creativity with whiteboard videos.

Our in-house producers and animators combine the best components of live-action talent, narration, custom character illustrations and visual storytelling to communicate your message.

Explainer Videos

Promote your brand, describe your product and inform your prospects with digestible, step-by-step explainer videos.

Explainers can be animated, live-action, 2D, 3D or hybrid formats that help nurture leads and close deals faster than other content types.

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Fully dedicated
to the best solutions.

Product videos and service videos are specifically produced to educate consumers about a company’s offerings, explain the...

features and benefits, and differentiate the product from the competition’s offerings. In the best instances, they are massive drivers of sales for companies that use video marketing effectively.

Top Marketing Videos From Our Expert Videographers

Drive Brand Engagement

Your Media Services has a solution explainer videos for almost almost every offering; We cannot underscore how invaluable they have proven to be, ...

..from driving brand awareness to attracting the right audience, and helping your prospects and clients understand your offerings. The brain processes video 60,000 times faster than any written form. In addition, its yields richer search results as even the video transcripts, when submitted properly to the search engines, then they are indexed, meaning discoverable by the searchers's query intent. Moreover, not just for Google, but YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. Excellent for video blogs too.

The Best Videos That Won't Break The Bank

97% of businesses say video helps people better understand their offerings.

84% of marketers say video has helped them increase their traffic.

Users spend 88% more time on websites with video.

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

Marketers leveraging videos grow revenue 49% faster

83% of marketers report positive video ROI.

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At Your Media Services, we are commuted to provide top-notch services for your customers.

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A masterful approach to market, advertise, and create brand awareness to brand authority.​

Web Development

If your websites is designed and developed to industry best selling machine that never sleeps.

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Great Pricing Plans from small businesses to enterprises

Launch our video marketing solutions and catapults your engagement rates and bottom-line results?

Monetize and automate , deploy seamless video and streaming videos


Understand your audience and set campaign goals

All successful marketing campaigns must start with research – who are you targeting? What type of content tends to resonate with them, and what channels are they most likely to be on?

There’s little point in making great video content and paying to have it play on websites your audience doesn’t visit.

And most importantly, what goals are you trying to reach with a particular video marketing campaign? Are you trying to drive awareness, sales, traffic, or all of the above? To capitalize on video’s ability to connect with your shopper, make sure you’re using the right tone of voice and message to reach them. It’s important to spend time gathering consumer insights before launching your video because these are the insights that’ll inform the type of videos you produce and how much money you’ll spend on making them


Stay on brand, and nail down your message across videos

Video can seem like a departure from other types of marketing, or a way to test out a branding refresh, but it’s important that viewers watching your videos –

while they might be surprised by the content – know who and what is speaking to them.

According to a study by McKinsey and Company, companies with consistent branding are 20% more successful than those without. For instance, if your videos are on YouTube or a social media channel, they should link to your site or a landing page, with clear, on-brand creative and messaging that’s unified across each channel.


Make sure your video budget makes sense

any marketers make the mistake of thinking that putting a ton of money into a video project will automatically make it a huge success.

On the flip side, not spending enough on a far-reaching campaign could hurt your brand’s image by not letting the messaging come across in a low-quality way.

When it comes to actually making the video content, keep your campaign goals in mind and make sure you’re spending your budget well.