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I’m so excited to share Reviews with you.

It’s a comprehensive solution designed to help you manage your local reviews, and put the best version of your brand everywhere customers interact with you.

Reviews has five core features: Monitoring, Generation, Publishing, Response, and Insights. I’ll take you through each of these features to show you all this great stuff in action.

Let me start by asking you a question. It’s pretty simple. Where would you get a root canal?

I can tell you right now that the 1-star guy is not touching my teeth.

Fewer reviews means less attention, and fewer clicks.

This one is the hardest. Where would you eat?

Both places have the same rating. Both have the same number of reviews. But one was last reviewed a week ago, and the other one two years ago.

This matters too — 69% of consumers only find relevance in reviews that are less than 2-3 months old.

So reviews matter, and Rating, Quantity, and Recency are all CRUCIAL.

  • These things aren’t all new concepts. How are you currently thinking about reviews?
  • Does anyone at your company get measured on your reviews? What are you looking at? Only rating? Quantity and recency too?
  • Do you think bad reviews have an adverse effect on your business?  What about ignoring them or doing nothing

Here’s another thing. Did you know that if you put reviews on your local page, you can actually get stars to show up in your organic search results?

And that’s not all… in fact, Google also added “Reviews from the Web” to the local card.

Google pulls in reviews from authoritative sources to help consumers make educated decisions. And guess what? One of those sources is your very own local page.

So now, when you add stars to your local pages, you’re also seeing those reviews prominently displayed in the local card. That card shows up in mobile search, in Google Maps results, and more — so it’s super important. The experience is very similar in Bing and other search engines.

And, did you know that when you put stars on your local page, and those stars come through on the organic SERP, you can see up to a 153% increase in clickthrough rate?

So how do you get those reviews onto your page, and onto the organic SERP, and onto the local card? From Google themselves, businesses who want to show stars on their local pages in the SERP “must collect ratings information directly from users, and not from other sites”. [SOURCE:]

What Google’s telling us is that they already have access to what people are saying about your business on Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook. You can’t simply repurpose these reviews on your own site if you want to show stars in the organic SERP.

To get star power in search, You need to show Google fresh content, generated by you, that lives on your site and comes directly from your customers.

When you add this up — how customers care about reviews, and all the changes we see in search this year — it’s pretty clear…

Sync your CRM, point of sale, mobile app, or any other contact database via API. Or, you can simply upload a spreadsheet, or even send a single invite.

Generating reviews plays an important role in the customer journey. Here’s what that might look like:

A customer visits your business and transacts.

You request a review from that customer.

The customer leaves a review, which you can publish on your own website to get stars to appear in the organic SERP.

Future customers will see those reviews when they’re making their decisions based on search results.

Review Generation lets you do exactly that.

It allows you to reach out to your customers to request authentic reviews that you can use on your own website. We call these first-party reviews. And then you can add those reviews to your own website to get those stars in the SERP. 

So, we’ve seen Monitoring and Generation. We also give you the power to respond to reviews, so you can hug all of your haters directly from our dashboard.

The Response tab lets you see reviews that could use a response on publishers that support it, as well as the first-party reviews you collected yourself.

There have been a bunch of studies done on the effects of review response, from increasing customer loyalty to growing revenue.

So we make this process really simple.

The second you see that you’ve got a new review, you can go into the dashboard and respond like the thoughtful, attentive vendor you are.

This is a great opportunity to engage with customers, especially when you can resolve their issues quickly. It also indicates to prospects that your business values customer experience. Remember that not responding is, by default, a form of response. Your customers can be your biggest advocates, and responding to reviews can inspire their loyalty and increase their lifetime value.

And, that’s not all. If you respond to a first-party review that you generated, we’ll automatically email the customer with the option to view your response and edit that original review. They can edit everything from their written feedback to the actual rating. So with this functionality, hugging your haters can actually turn them into fans. It increases the likelihood that the reviews you generate will end up being positive, which gives you more confidence when you display them in search results.


  • Do you currently respond to online reviews?
  • (IF YES) What does that process look like today? What team manages it? Who needs to approve responses before they go live? Do you have a way of managing that process right now?
  • (IF NO) What’s keeping you from building a strategy here?

Our Analytics offering for Reviews lets you drill down and learn from your reviews. You can see words that frequently pop up in reviews of different ratings, and how well specific locations are doing. You can also see a heat-map, which gives you a macro-view of your locations and how they compare.

These tools help marketers, management, franchisees, and business owners learn from their reviews to optimize how they do business, understand points of frustration for their customers, and build stronger relationships.

  • Now, I just showed you how to generate reviews via email. But there are a lot of other ways to collect reviews, and we can help with those as well.

    You can put a review request form on your website, or send a text message. Or, you can link to a landing page from your app and use push notifications to direct people to that link. You can also post a URL near your checkout, print it on comment cards, or add it to your receipts.

    You can collect reviews via any of these ways, all at the same time. However you choose to do it, we help you ensure those reviews are collected efficiently, and that they’ll be optimized for search. That means you can use them later on to surface your true rating, put stars in search results, and ensure the best version of your business is always on display.


    • Which of these things are you doing today?
    • Are there things on this list that you manage yourself? What other teams are involved?
    • Are there things on this list that you would never want to touch, vs. things that you consider good for testing out new ideas?

You might be worried that if you ask for reviews, you’ll end up generating more bad reviews. We’ve taken that into account with Reviews, so you can generate reviews with confidence.

We quarantine any first-party reviews you generate for up to 7 days. During this window, you can flag any reviews for inappropriate or spam content, which will enable us to remove them in accordance with Google’s guidelines. It also gives you a chance to respond to reviews before they go live, so in the event that you do generate a bad review, you can give the customer a chance to edit that review if they’re satisfied with your response.

Approvals workflows all you to let your local employees respond to reviews. You can set them up so corporate has to approve review responses before they go live. We don’t want anyone going rogue, so this helps us all work together while maintaining brand control.


This patented technology secures all your online business data and details you share to target your audience and with schema and structured data not only will you show up more often in search results but Google and the other search engines can answer complex questions about your business and displays it to your prospects, customers, partners in a so it's displayed with rich-snippets and easy to navigate to even greater details by the search engines with tabs, buttons, links images, videos and much more.   This part of the technology ensures all the data that is now intelligent does not get compromised as clearly you would not want an old telephone number or website address to a prospect that is actively seeking out to do business with you.   

This feature is included and you will be in control of every detail and asset that is online with the nearly 100 Publishers.  And you will be notified when wrong information  is trying to get posted about business.  You will be able to reject the changes before it is ever seen by your target audience.  And let's say you want to update new information such as holiday hours, with a click of the mouse,in almost real-time, it will be published everywhere.   

Data is reported to these publishers  by Data Aggregates and a whole host of other entities. Most have no idea how pervasive and to what degree it impacts businesses rankings, reputation, client opportunities , online searches, and your bottom line.  Even if you are completely in the know it is nearly impossible for any size business to try to personally and manage your online data details and integrity when there are 100's of directories.  And that is just one example.


Let's take a closer look at why this is such a huge blind spot for most business and why it is critical to understand and how easily we make it so your business never will lose business, clients and rankings as a result. 

Over time mostly data degrades and there are  honest mistakes that occur with all of the Collectively these sources. are over time reporting your business information to literally 100s of places within the online echo-system. 

And what happens is your data becomes indexed with the search engines incorrectly.   The implications  are profound, numerous, almost impossible to track down and most are completely blind to what is occurring. 

 The results over time impacts your rankings and ability to be discovered and searched when there are conflicting errors by search engines or the incorrect data is displayed.

When the details become are critically important as rates, phone numbers, locations, out-dated products, incorrect hours, email addresses and are displayed to a prospect, you can imagine how easily you would never know or get that opportunity.   If a prospect drives to the wrong location or at the wrong hours, sends an email that never gets a response, calls a number no longer in service, or goes to an old website you can imagine the implications.

Companies grow or have to downsize all the time.  And they may change their location, phone number even their business name, hours of operations.

It's so common to change product offerings and  services offerings,  return policies and especially changing rates and promotional rates. 

How can any company expect to stay on top of all these changes and somehow submit and verify its all correct to the  100's of places .

The problem is compounded when the business is not aware of it considering they are on top of the major social media outlets, local pages and perhaps some of the directories. Or they falsely believe since nothing has changed in their business for 10 or 20 years none of their business data can be compromised but it happens it happens almost unilaterally to all companies.   

It happens to almost every business and they are blind to how many potential clients and lost revenue.

Here are just some of the ways your business data and listings become compromised over time and people who search directories for examples see outdated information that loses you business . Or it gets indexed incorrectly by the search engines and either you do not not come up anymore for those free organic searches or your rankings are affected across the board.  Here are just a few of perhaps hundreds of ways your critical business data gets compromised and may have a profound affect on your business and bottom line. 

Then there are people that have less than the best intentions for your business and are quite clever at not doing anything illegal but nevertheless impacting your business rankings,results and revenue.  . Now it could be anyone from a disgruntled employee, partner, competitor, family member, former friend, or even a past or current client that can easily undermine your business results.  And I will just highlight one of the many ways.

Every Online Local Page, Directory, Map or APP provides a place in plain sight for anyone to make a suggestion to change any data they see in incorrect about a business to claiming images or assets that company is posting is not their intellectual property. 

They can make a semiweekly benign suggestion that have malicious intentions and never be held accountable. 

And Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Merchant Circles, to every directory or local page provides a suggest and edit to that business.   These Publishers intentions are to have the most up-to date information about a business and especially change data when there undertones of best practices not being followed by that business.

Publishers mostly blindly accept these submissions with not many checks and balances.  So if one happens to place a  malicious suggestion claiming your telephone number or address is listed incorrectly enough times or to directories you do not go to often it will be changed then indexed by the search engines, 

The most-up-to -date information with the most amount of details is how Publishers remain in business.  So if your integrity is questioner by unlicensed images, bad reviews, wrong rates, claiming a good review was made by a friend, these Publishers are all too eager to comply and punish the business, . 


And on every Google My Business page you can see the "Suggest an edit" is right there. 

Now with our match and lock feature, you would be notified and unless you authorized  them permission, Publishers can not change it. When your information in indexed with incorrect data across the online echo system the most search engines will not display you in those search results with conflicting data . 

And this can be done with reviews too.  We can quarantine the reviews in case it is not even from a customer and if it is then you will have 7 days to argue your case or see what you can do to make that client happy so they may change tither rating. And that is much better than bad reviews posting first and not even aware that it happened because it is on some directory you don't cheek on often.  You will be notified and emailed.  And there are many ways to protect yourself on our platform.

If you do change a business location, or phone number or hours or anything else.  Then one click of the mouse and it goes everywhere to all the Publishers simultaneously.  And since we ensure you are the verified owners on the listing, it happens in almost real-time and you only submit it once. 

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